Backend Weekly, Explained

Plus: All the topics in backend engineering we will be exploring this year.

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My name is Solomon Eseme, founder of Masteringbackend => A great resource for backend engineers. Next-level Backend Engineering training and Exclusive resources.

I started my Tech Journey in 2011, worked in different local and international companies as a backend engineer, and wrote many articles and resources. I’m currently a Senior Backend Engineer at Andela.

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Moving on, now that we are all here, below are the different topics in backend engineering that we will cover throughout this year in the newsletter. Plus, other tips and resources that will come along.

  1. January => Basics of Backend Engineering

  2. February => Server-Side Programming Language

  3. March => Build a Backend

  4. April => API and API Design

  5. May => Mastering Databases

  6. June => Backend Deployment

  7. July => Software Testing

  8. August => Software Design Principles

  9. September => Web Security

  10. October => Caching and CDNs

  11. November => Message Brokers and Search Engines

  12. December => Containerization and CI/CD

Each main topic above contains subtopics that will be extracted and sent every week. For example, we will share the following topics with you this month.

  1. Introducing the Newsletter and everything it stands for ✅

  2. What is Backend Engineering?

  3. Becoming a Great Backend Engineer

  4. What are Servers and OS in Backend Engineering?

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