Backend Weekly in 3 months

In this issue, I listed all the articles we have covered in Backend Weekly within the past 3 months.

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Welcome to another week, another opportunity to become a Great Backend Engineer.

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Before we get down to the business of today. JavaScript for Backend Engineering.

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Now, back to the business of today.

This week came in so fast, and it’s finishing quickly, too. Well! I say this because I had a lot to do and wasn’t able to complete it.

For instance, I didn’t research the content I was supposed to share this week with you.

So 🙇 I will only share an update on how my week went and a summary of all the content I have written this year for this newsletter.

I had two major events this week: a friend’s wedding and a friend’s birthday party.

Recently, I discovered that it’s very important to make time for people in our lives, and this was a big sacrifice for me to make for them. I’m super excited I was there for them on their special days.

Now, back to the articles, round off all I have written. You can quickly jump into the one that interests you.

Introducing the Newsletter and everything it stands for

In this issue, I explored all the backend engineering topics that will be covered this year. Click here to read more.

What is Backend Engineering?

In this issue, I explored everything you need to know about backend engineering and its meaning. More than 90% of people always get the meaning wrong. Click here to read more.

Becoming a Great Backend Engineer

In this issue, I explain what becoming a great backend engineer means and who A Great Backend Engineer is. Click here to read more.

Operating System

Operating systems are of great importance to a backend engineer. That's why I started exploring backend engineering with operating systems. As a backend engineer, I covered the most important concepts to learn in operating systems. Click here to read more.

Web Servers in Backend Engineering 

Next, I explored Web Servers and went deeper to explain their importance in Backend engineering. Learn the intricacies of web servers in backend engineering. Click here to read more.

Setting up NGINX as a Web Server 

NGINX is broad and can be used for different things, including setting it up as a web server, load balancer, or reverse proxy. Learn how to set it up as a web server. Click here to read more.

Exploring NGiNX for Backend Engineering 

In this issue. We learn NGINX and everything you need to know about NGINX as a backend engineer. Exploring NGINX and its importance in building scalable backend systems. Click here to read.

Basic Terminal Commands for Backend Engineers. 

I want to discuss some basic commands you need to know as a backend engineer. Click here to read.

How Node.js Works

Learn how Node.js works behind the scenes. Node.js is a powerful runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Click here to read.

JavaScript for Backend Engineering

In this issue, I will explore JavaScript for Backend Engineers and detail the different topics you need to know before you move on to Node.js. Click here to read more.

I hope this helps you catch up with the newsletter this year and also gives me a little time to catch up with my research for the next article.

That will be all for this one. See you on Saturday.

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